Genetics -  DNA From the Beginning - Modules 1-5

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Read Module 1- at DNA From the Beginning

Question 1: What is a pistil? Which matures first, in a pea plant, the female or male sex organs? How did that facilate Mendell's experiment? Why is Mendell called the father of genetics?

Read Module 2-

Question 2: Are any people purebred for any traits? Give me at least one example of a human genotype and a human phenotype. Mendell taught H.S. science. How was he different from Dr. G?

Read Module 3-

Question 3: Pea plants are either tall or short. Most human traits do not show this either/or inheritence pattern. We will learn why latter, however, for now, identify at least one human trait that you either have it or don't.

Question 4: Is there a necessary relationship between dominance and frequency? (That is are dominant traits necessarily more common.-Hint, think eye color in Sweden.)

Read module 5-

Question 5: What is the genotype of yellow peas? of green peas? 

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Look up achondroplastic dwarfs. 

Question 6: If two achondroplastic dwarfs have children what would be the ratio of dwarfs/normal offspring at (a) conception (b) age 5? Explain.

Question 7: Were Mendell's numbers too perfect? 


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