Joseph Gottfried - An abreviated photo gallery

Joe was an avid photographer, and Joe and Bianca's house is filled with albums stretching back decades.  Beyond the pictures he took, there are thousands of digital pictures I took when we traveled, and those that others sent Bianca to put in their albums.  I've only selected a few to share. Each has a story, and were Joe here, he'd delight in regaling us all with their histories.

Joe and his three younger sistersThe Gottfried clan, pre-WWII, without Janka, Joe's older sister.The young officer and his father.
Young Mr. Gottfried
Business cards from his time in Italy.bc
Proud papa (Margie!)

Hosting large gatherings
with his wife, mother-in-law and sister-inlawJoe was happiest travelling or planning a trip
In Cyprus with Elsie and Bianca
Wtih Mark and Karen on the day they were hooded (got their Ph.D.s)
With Viola and Ilan

With Janka
On a trip through Europe with Mark & Karen the family stopped at Terezin. Reluctantly, at Karen's insistance, Joe posed for this ironic picture of a survivor under the gate. Always willing to voice an opinion, Joe was "cornered" by a Bosnian reporter outside the market in Sarajevo in 2003.
Joe was always reading.  

Joe and Karen in Sarajevo.Joe in HvarIn Venice
Climging steps in Rome
Visiting the Spanish Steps (Rome)

50th wedding anniversary

85th Birthday


Santorini, GreeceCyprusIsrael
MoscowMoscow subway
Family celebration for Joe's 90th and Bianca's 80th birthdays.


Buenos AiresWith his friend Moe Baskin, at the last of the "Speak Outs" they hosted at Golden Lakes.

Preapred to speak as an Arab.Always ready to share his knowledge with others
With Reuven Slonim and Viola.Tel Aviv, with his beloved sister, Viola.

After injuring his arm in a fall, a stranger, now friend, helped Joe into the Caribbean for what turned out to be his last swim.

Winged, but still alert and intense.