After the EOC Exam I asked the students to give advice to next year's classes.
Less than 55 of the 73 did the assignment (for a grade???).
I've removed identifying features (names, ID numbers) and sorted the responses by EOC score.
Make of it what you will.
Dr. G.

Advice EOC Score EOC Level
 what advice I would give the BIO eoc students is to take a lot a lot a lot of notes because they will help you for when you need to study for the EOC  370 2
Some advice I would give future students is to stay organized with due dates and assignments. There isn't much homework each quarter but if you let it pile up it adds on and becomes a handful. Also , be vocal. One thing I wasn't this year was vocal due to a lot of things that were happening behind closed doors and I know for sure that if I would've spoken up about why I was turning in assignment late, I probably would've been understood and worked with. You cant help someone who doesn't wanna be helped and to ensure you get help, reach out and get it. 374 2
Dear future biology EOC students, Some of you might think that this class is going to be super easy.. or "cake" as we call it, well I want you to know that it will be if you do what you're supposed to. If not, then you will struggle and just continue to struggle. The first quarter in biology I did not succeed the way I wanted to and just continued to slack. I really wish I put more of my effort and time into this class so I would've come out with better grades then I did. The most important thing to do is listen to Dr.Gottfried when he's teaching and do not fall asleep because it's only yourself that it's going to affect in the future. Also, do not talk when you could be using that time to start homework and just do your assignment or else you will get a warning notice, and trust me it's scary. When it comes around to the end of the year, study for the EOC long and hard, I believe in you hehe. Finally, don't be afraid of Dr.Gottfried and his mischievous schemes. 381 2
Just because Dr. Gottfried doesn’t obligate you to take notes on each lesson doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!! 383 2
 Honestly the kids that have you next year are going to be really lucky because your a great teacher. The kids should pay attention to what you say because they will learn a lot from what you say because its really important for the test at the end of the year. 385 2
I found you helping us with the eoc very helpful you couldn't do any better you went over everything we needed and it helped a lot 388 2
Here is some advice I can give to the fellow students coming next year, pay attention to Dr. Gottfried because it is actually entertaining or grabs your attention with all the amazing stories he tells you because all of this connects to the lesson you are learning. I mean this and I am not lying.... but Dr. Gottfried was the best teacher I have ever had and he deserves all the respect in the whole world from all his students because at the end of the day believe it or not he wants us to learn and has all the same goal for all us, which is to pass the eoc! Not only that but wants you to enjoy learning in a fun way. Thank you Dr. Gottfried for teaching me so much ! 390 2
Ok so this is my advice it may not be the best but it’s still advice.DO NOT SLACK OFF AND USE YOUR PHONE when Dr. Gottfried is explaining a lesson because if you do then you will be lost and if this topic is on the EOC then your pretty much screwed. Also make sure you do all the work in his class because it will keep your gpa good and balanced , so just in case you don’t pass the EOC you can still pass the class. Study the whole study guide 2 weeks before the test and don't worry about it to much. Get a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast and FOCUS ON THE TEST DON’T GET DISTRACTED AND REMEMBER ALL THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED. If you take my advice then you should do good. 391 2
Dear class of 2019-20, If you end up in Dr. Gottfried’s class next year, I have some advice for you. For starters, he is a pretty chill teacher. But some things you will need to know is to ALWAYS pay attention. Be sure to know exactly what you are learning and to review the lessons that you are not understanding. It is important to have your notebook with you at ALL times, and when you do, make sure to always take notes, do the do nows that are on the board when you walk into class, and if you don’t understand something, look back at it and review it because it is important to know for tests in the future, and that material may be on the EOC. Dr. Gottfried doesn’t enjoy when you speak while he is speaking, it is very disrespectful, and he will not want to put up with it. It may even drop your conduct grade. If you are on your best behavior, and you complete all your assignments, and you understand what you are learning, this year will be an easy year for you. Another tip I have for you, is to study for the EOC a few weeks before. I’m saying this because if you decide to study a years worth of work the night before your exam, it isn’t going to be the same as breaking down each chapter and going through it, a few weeks before the EOC so you can really go into depth with each lesson. If you do not do good on the EOC, it may bring down your final grade as it is 30% of your final. This class is also a lot of fun because Dr Gottfried loves to talk about his tan line from his watch, the iguanas he finds in his pool, the places he travels to, his photography, and he loves to make fun of his students. Biology is an important class but with Dr. Gottfried it is fun as he loves to listen to music and he has a good sense of humor unlike other teachers. So if you ended up in this class, you’re going to have a fun year! Just be sure that you are maintaining good grades at the same time and you pay close attention to what Dr. Gottfried teaches you. Hope you have the best year! - 395 3
]For the newcomers, if you pay attention in class you are guaranteed to pass the class and the EOC. Dr. Gottfried will let you use your phone but that will result in you not knowing what to do for assignments. So………just pay attention. 396 3
Just study and pay attention in class. Don’t sleep and pretend that you can get by without paying attention. Very few people are that smart. 397 3
Compared to the biology teachers that are here now, you got lucky. Make up work is allowed and that has saved lives, also Dr. Gottfried’s personality is actually good and he makes you laugh so these two hours won’t go by extremely slow like other classes. 398 3
The advice that I give to next year’s Bio students is to pay attention in class and stay awake. Sometimes there can be work assigned to do at home but it is not much to stress about. If you are taking bio with Dr. Gottfried, you must not be so serious and try not to get on his bad side. Dr. Gottfried is a jokester so don’t take his jokes to seriously and if you do then you’ll just have to deal with it. His way of teaching is very interactive and fun, there is never a dull moment in his classroom. Keep in mind that he will have a lot jokes coming your way he also likes to tell his students his “malicious” intentions, but don’t worry we think he is never serious. You will not regret taking his class the only way you can really fail this class if you don’t do the assignments. I recommend to complete your assignments and to just adapt to the way that he teaches, there are a lot of group projects and fun games like quizlet live that motivates you to do well in class.  By the end of the year you will be sad that you will no longer have the pleasure of going to Dr. Gottfried’s class so enjoy the 2 hours that you are there every other day even if it may seem like you are stuck there for a lifetime.  400 3
-Don’t fall asleep in class. Even though you might be tired and had a long day, you’ll end up missing very important lessons and then start having a habit of sleeping in the class. -Pay attention and ask questions  403 3
My advice to the people taking the EOC next year is study!! Study everynight at least 10 minutes thats something i didnt do enough and pay attention in class and put effort in. 404 3
The advice I would give to the Biology E.O.C students for next year is to complete all the assignment's and to study the subject that is taught in the class. 404 3
advice I would give to next years students coming into Dr.Gottfried's class is to actually read as he says because for the districts tests we take you have to know your facts and remember what Dr.Gottfried is teaching and when Dr.Gottfried is teaching you should pay attention and not be on your phone. 405 3
I joined this class in April, so even being late, I will say that Dr. Gottfried can teach and do it well, unlike the other teacher I transferred from. Biology was a pretty difficult subject for me, and switching to an honors biology class, I knew it would be difficult, but I worked hard, and the class was relatively easy for me as long as I took in what he taught and studied at home, then the assignments will be a breeze. The labs in the class were also fun, and educational at the same time. If you want to do good on the EOC you’ll need to take in all the information he’s giving you and studying. I think the room is a nice environment to work in, plus I was in a small class, so that made it even better for me personally. I found the EOC to be not too hard, but not too easy, so work hard and it will pay off. 407 3
this class is not a class where you are forced to work 24/7, have boring long powerpoints however if you want to pass the eoc you HAVE to listen and genuinely pay attention because you will get behind quickly. it’s easy to start slacking in this class, do not start slacking on notes (they WILL come in handy when you have to prepare for the eoc), do not use your phone while he’s teaching (it might be tempting but he is teaching everything that you are going to need and if you don’t pay attention you will not do well on the eoc). the eoc will be hard if you don’t focus during his lessons, so you should try to not miss his class either! good luck on the eoc this year!!  408 3
 the advice I would give is try to get a good night sleep before going to his class and to study hard.  410 3
 here is some advice for the students coming next year, dr.g never gets mad so if you manage to do so, be careful. Also, pay attention in his class because it’s actually entertaining with all the stories he tells while he teaches. He’s an amazing teacher and deserves all the respect in the world from all his students because he wants the same goal for all of us, and that is to pass his class. 411 3
Advice for next year’s BIO students is to not fall asleep in his class because you maybe miss an important part of the lesson that maybe on the test and to take some notes while he is teaching and  to review over all the materials he gives for review for the EOC. 411 3
Advice I have for next years students, DONT SLACK. Even tho this class is exciting, it’s not just fun and games. The quizzes are hard and you need to be prepared. The labs are very interesting and teach you a lot. One thing I have to say is, sometimes when you teach, you go off topic and it’s hard to concentrate on what the lesson is. And sometimes the jokes you make are a little over the top. Overall I loved this class 412 3
In all honesty, the EOC was rather fair. The questions were all taught and explained very well, especially the one with the brain pictures, haha. The class itself was also very nice, it was very fun to learn and every lesson always had that little on topic conversation that helped us remember the things you taught us. You assisted me with a lot and actually had me realize I do like science A TON more than other subjects. You made things look rather fun and it was always a good time to come in your class, and it scary to see you get mad, honestly.  412 3
For the new sophomores, honestly all I have to say for advice is... pay attention. Dr. Gottfried's probably the best science teacher in the school. He gives you chances to make up work and is very laid back, but don't just sleep in his class, actually be involved I promise it'll help. Oh, and study for the doc, like the packets he gives you, go through them and now your stuff, I probably got like a 2 because I had the most massive migraine and I couldn't concentrate (the screen is at full brightness and the letters are like size 6 font), so, know you're crap so you don't have to stare at that horrible screen for the longest time. Also, I know I mentioned this but, pay attention and get involved in class participation!!! 413 3
Next years Bio EOC students should pay attention all year and not fall asleep. They should take the class serious and not play around. Use the packets you give at the end of the year because they really helped me. They had everything that the EOC tested me on. 415 3
In all honesty this class wasn’t too difficult. Not to say that it was easy by any means but more like if you did your work and payed attention you were fine. For me, this class was pretty good besides the fact that I fell asleep many times. But overall the class was pretty fun. Dr. Gottfried is actually a really funny guy and his lectures are good too. We also did fun labs. I didn’t like doing the lab reports though. In the end I had a lot of laughs with class and made a couple friends like Ethan, Robert, Sloan, and Marco. For all of the incoming Bio EOC students my advice to you is to pay attention, do your work, don’t fall asleep, and have a good sense of humor. Other than that, Biology should go pretty smoothly for you newbies. 416 3
The class was great and I'd enjoyed it very much. The class, in general, was chill, but don't let that interfere with your studies. As fun as it was, I do regret not studying enough and felt like I wasn't ready for the EOC. All the classwork and homework should be easy to do, but don't slack off if you want to pass his class. I do like that late work is acceptable, but I wish the penalty was a little more severe. I learned many things in Dr. Gottfried class. One of the things that helped me a lot was his humor. He always knows how to make my day better. I learned many things about biology as well (obviously). Such as the reproduction system, the immune system, evolution, the brain, macromolecules, everything about cells, and etc. Dr. Gottfried, in my opinion, is easy to get along with. Honestly, if you want to pass biology, please study and finish your work. The choice is yours to make and choose it prudently.  416 3
Students should really pay attention and be involved in the class , study and not slack off if u aren’t that good with science .While biology isn’t that complicated you should still try to pay attention and not sleep or be on your phones ( sometimes I did a few times ). Dr Gotfried does a great job preparing you for the test and when the test comes you will see that it wasn’t that hard if you paid attention 417 3
Pay attention to the reviews in class and make sure to study to be fully prepared 418 3
What advice I have for next year's bio class is to pay attention and try to remember as much as possible for the EOC. 418 3
In order to be successful you students should write your notes neatly, pay attention in class, and more importantly (even if you understand) study at home. You guys should write notes neatly because I did not, and I could not understand the few notes I wrote and I could not understand the broader topic. It is important to study at home also because it refreshes the topics studied in class and also because it helps better understand the topic. 423 4
make sure to have friends to help you and sometimes just some times its OK to fall asleep when he is telling a long story if your tired but you don't have to 423 4
My advice to the incoming class is that you manage your time well when it comes to homework and other assignments. Don’t interrupt Dr. Gottfried when he’s talking because it gets on his nerves. Always call him Dr. Gottfried and not Mr. Try to turn in all your work on time even though turning it in late doesn’t affect it too much; because if you leave it all to later it will be too much to do. Also try to stay awake during the lectures because they’re important. Finally, don’t wear headphones in class or he’ll cut them off.  424 4
The Biology EOC was a very wide-ranged test. The tests had extremely easy to extremely difficult questions, making it a very weird pace you have to follow when taking it. I spent 20-25 minutes out of the 85 I used on 4-5 questions. Do not take this exam lightly but do not let it stress you out if you have AP World or other APs as a sophomore. With the time Dr. G gives you in class, you can definitely ace this test. Personally, I think I did pretty good on the test and landed between high 4 or low 5 range. One of the best study guide in my opinion is or just privately studying quizlet flashcards. The best of all, though, is just paying attention in his class and possibly taking down notes if you would like. That is all I have to say about this class and EOC, hope I helped you guys on this year's Bio EOC and grade overall. Thank you Dr. Gottfried for making this class one of my favorite classes of all time, expect a request for a recommendation letter soon. 425 4
Just make sure to pay attention in class, cuz if you fall asleep you won't only miss important things for future tests but also Dr Gottfried's terrible jokes. Although some things may seem to be useless at first, they will end up being very useful for the EOC.  426 4
Advice I would give to upcoming students, would be to use the tools that are given to their advantage. All the study guides that were provided were really helpful and to pay attention in class, if your failing the class then thats on you and not on the teacher.  427 4
My advice for next years class is to pay attention to Dr. Gottfried's lessons and take advantage of all the notes he gives you which he doesn't even make you write down. Also don't get on his bad side or he will hurt you. But make sure you pay attention to the labs, discussions, and do all your work and you'll pass. 427 4
Awesome advice from the one and only, don't fall asleep during class. Also, take notes. It makes a big difference in the way you study. The notes don't have  to be detailed, but writing the things you don't remember greatly helps. Also, don't pull a me and fall asleep through some of the classes. Big mistake. Do all the work on time, and ask questions if you don't understand something. Dr. Gottfried is willing to help 428 4
My advice to next year’s kids it to use Edpuzzle all year and keep notes from class until the eoc. 428 4
After one School Year in Biology with Doctor Gottfried I honestly don’t regret having him as a teacher because of many things. -I like when he gives us study guides for the tests after he reads the unit test and that really facilitates my life. - I like the way he teaches us the lessons, like he gets to his point and explains by doing some jokes that usually is about the lesson which motivates me to listen and understand the subject except of sleeping. Now if you want to be in his class, you will have to take notes fast if you want to take some because he won’t wait for you, he just moves on. I think because he likes us to take our own notes instead of writing word by word what he has without understanding. I like how he grades the assignments and tests he is usually fast with it  He has many assignments that can boost your grade up The only thing that I didn’t like in his class is the air condition, I freeze most of the time. 429 4
The advice I would give to next years BOI EOC students is to just pay attention in class. Pay attention, get involved, listen, take notes and don’t be a distraction. Also, get the easy grades, things like homework, class work, labs, and other quick and easy things. Those activities are easy, easy grades are the way to go, if you aren’t good at taking tests, get those easy grades. The last piece of advice I would like to give is, do everything that you are assigned as quickly as possible. Don’t rush questions or anything, in cases of homework or projects, do them and finish them so you can have more free time. This goes for any class realistically.  430 4
Advice to future students: Study, you really really need to, it's one of the things i regret not doing more of for this class. Also listen to Dr. Gottfried and don't fall asleep in class! 431 5
The BIO EOC is the hardest test I have taken so far. This test can be very easy or very hard depending on how much the student is willing to devote hours to studying. You can also just wing it like me, but that’s at your own risk. I believe that I passed, but I know I could have done better if I took the time to study. Trust me Dr. Gottfried knows what he is talking about and you better have payed attention to his lectures and class discussions. If you are lazy like all students and know you are going to wing it no matter what, then you must try in the quizlet.lives and remember all those terms. The test I all about reading thoroughly and logically finding out the answer. Most of the answers are buried in the questions so check and double check your all your questions. There is no cheating on this test so if that’s your plan your fucking yourself over. Goodluck class of 2020!!! 433 5
As far as advice for next years students, There really is not much to say, WAIT TILL YOU GET HOME TO SLEEEEEEP. Trust me, by staying awake and paying attention for those 1-2 hours, you will literally gain so so so much knowledge. Gottfried will absolutely open your mind and show you so many different views and share so much information, that I promise, is so important to passing the eoc, and even more so becoming a genuinely good human being. If you honestly do not care about passing, and you could live with being an ignorant, incompetent, knowledge-less person, then do not bother paying  attention to his lectures or listening to his stories. But trust me, If you plan on passing, doing good in school, then going even further to do good in life and be a good person, Dr. Gottfried will literally give you so much information and advice that is so beneficial to you, he has so much knowledge that he wants to share with you, he wants you to succeed, so put in your bit of effort and listen. Trust me, if you just take the time to listen to him, and pay attention, you will understand everything I am saying. 435 5
A piece of advice I would give to next year students is that if you don’t get the material, do study it. It’s important to read also, most questions really require reading and a basic understanding biology. Even if you found the class easy it’s still important to review for the test. Good luck!  437 5
you should listen and do your work. Try to get good grades in the class just incase you end up doing bad on the EOC. Really pay attention and make sure you understand everything because it’s not easy to make sure you know everything and remember it all right before the EOC. Try to remember everything that you learn as you’re learning it too if you can. 439 5
If you pay attention in this class you will successfully pass the EOC, without a doubt. Even thoogh everyone says this it is so true for this class. Everything mentioned in class is in some way important for the EOC at the end of the year. Dr. Gottfried’s stories are also a fun way to remember important concepts in class. Also, use the review packets given to you they are extremely useful. You’ll  most likely pass the EOCif you’re in this class PERIOD. 443 5
From,  Past Student   447 5
My advice is simple, pay attention. If you are really bad at remembering what you’ve learnt take notes, but as long as you pay attention to what is being taught you’re golden. 449 5