What you need to know in AP Biology....

by Joe Rogers

If you decide you wanna learn some Biology,
there's a lot you have to know, like: ecology,
carbs and acids and lipids like fat,
haploids, gametes, interphase, PMAT,
proteins like actin and the active site,
zones of the ocean, fight or flight,
catalyst action and wavelength of light,
CAM absorbs carbon only at night,
ATP, NAD, the ER, and ETC,
CO2, H2O, and electricity,
kingdom and phylum, classes and such,
photorespiration doesn't help much,
aerobic respiration and phosphorylation,
lactic fermentation, enzyme denaturation,
tundra and the ice, forests and trees,
pollenization, the birds and the bees,
mitochondria and cell lysosomes,
poison and acid with peroxisomes,
order and family, polypeptide chains,
solvent and solute, malnutrition pains,
genus and species, glycolysis and glucose,
reptiles, mammals, RNA and ribose,
bacteria and viruses, facilitated diffusion,
Calvin often has oxygen confusion,
isomers and ions, clones and photolysis,
amino acid breakdown, photosynthesis,
chlorophyll, Krebs, the nucleus of a cell,
bulk flow, chromatin, the membrane works well,
anaerobic, aphotic zone, petals of a flower,
active transport requires much power,
anions, muscles, tissue and bone,
why can't this science just leave you alone?
If you do not learn it it won't work that well,
and that's why you must attend this pre-martum Hell.
So try all you can to learn this stuff,
7 solid months just isn't enough!