Annotated Web Link List

The College Board-

General Advice
On Note Taking
From the College Board-
On Senioritis
On Balancing HS and work
On Time Management

Test Prep (free practice test links etc)

Campbell On Line I don't guarantee the link,...but this is what works for me.

The text is now available through Mastering Biology - you need a magic code to register. Email me for information

Prezis and Study Guides from David Knuffke (Best place to study!)

OnLine Biology Book from a Community College. (Lower than AP Bio, BUT, really good background and review).

General Biology Sites

Bozeman-Youtube channel (obviously it doesn't work well in school)
Crash Course - Youtube channel ((obviously it doesn't work well in school) Covers biology, ecology, and chemistry

Annimations on a wide variety of topics.

Kahn Academy -

Links from another school - more than you could imagine...

Covering almost everything-

These say they are for anatomy and physiology, but really cover almost everything....

These say they are biology, and they are. There is overlap but you can find almost everything you want to review...

Two sites that make me realize that I am not really very good at this.... Amazing sites by other AP Bio teachers, full of resources


Are you attached to your ipod/iphone or other media player? 
Would you like study videos? 
Can your device play mp4 files?  
One publisher has a large collection of ipod/iphone/ mp4 files available on an open site
Student Center
Study on the Fly!
Zipped mp4 video animations… 
You’ll have to figure out which chapter matches what we are studying, but, you are smart children

OR, you can go to chapter activities and go through the onLine animations and videos

Lab simulations and review

Gel electrophoresis

Cell Transport

Cell Respiration

Krebs Cycle

Electron Transport (use the menu at the left to access a whole set of great  animations.)

ATP Synthase

Cell Division

Mitosis to music- more than you need-

Central Dogma

Best DNA and Translation site (Archived Web-Not maintained by the producer) You have to click on one of the dates that opens in the calendar....*/*/

DNA Replication

Transcription (use the menu at the left to access a whole set of great animations.)


Anatomy and Physiology
(yes these are from the general list, but they include stuff on A&P you don't find elsewhere)


Nitrogen Cycle

More links - there is some overlap-I just copied someones list.

1) Tremendous Resources for A.P. Biology



2) Collection of animated tutorials from the AP Bio book “Biology” by Raven & Johnson.



3) DNA Replication – good animation with basic narration



4) Restriction Endonuclease – similar to above



5) Inducible Operon



6) DNA Packaging mov (HHMI)


7) DNA Technology Videos (may overlap with first reference)



8) Howard Hughes Medical Institute biological animations: excellent



9) Cladograms Explained “What did T. rex taste like?”


10) DNA Manipulation



11) Gel  Electrophoresis no sound, text to read with animation


12) Plant Porn Movie



13) Flash Cards by chapter for Campbell’s Biology



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