AP-Agenda and Homework Page 2017-18  - Dr. Gottfried [General links and information at the bottom of this page]

Agenda and Homework updated 8/09/2017

8/21: Welcome, Introduction, FRQ-1;

8/22: Height Lab Data; Safety, Seed germination start; Mastering Biology

8/23: Mug shots; FRQ-2; Germination Report; Your Inner Fish – feedback; Big Ideas

8/25: Height lab data analysis, Science Process Skills, AP Biology-Statistics-Math


Due 8/21/2017: Summer Letter/Assignment   All 3 parts are due before school starts on 8/21. (Links are in the Letter/Assignment pdf file summer-1 on the webpage.)

Due 8/25: Welcome Parent Letter signature; email to confirm parent email address

Due 8/28 Height Lab


Be proactive. Be prepared.  You can do the Mastering Biology Assignments ahead of time.  Access to MasteringBiology is probably the most expensive part of your "book."  I can not publicly post our sign-in codes.  The codes will be distributed 8/22

due 8/27/2017 11:59 PM: Introduction to Mastering Biology

due 8/28/2017 11:59 PM: 00A-Get Ready for Biology – Diagnostic Questions

due 8/30/2017 11:59 PM: 00B-Get Ready for Biology—Cumulative Test

due 9/1/2017 11:59 PM: HW-Practice Test 01 – material from chapters 2 & 3 which are assumed to be pre-requisite knowledge for AP Biology Students.


For each topic there will be a quiz based in part on the reading.  Make sure you keep up with the Agenda page for the schedule, since the quizzes may not coincide with the class lecture/activity schedule.  You can learn much of the same material from other web resources – if you don’t like “your” text book, I can recommend other online resources (or just Google the topic). You can also watch YouTube videos on the subjects. The best out there are done by Richard Anderson and can be found as “Bozeman Biology.” All that said, the actual quizzes are based on readings from Campbell Biology (the online text in Mastering!).

Tentative Reading Schedule:

Background [Quiz 9/5]

                Chapters 1, 2, & 3


                Chapter 22 [Quiz 9/7]

Population Evolution [Quiz 9/11]

                Chapter 23

Origin of Species [Quiz 9/13]

                Chapter 24

Carbon [Quiz 9/18]

                Chapter 4

Macromolecules [Quiz 9/20]

                Chapter 5


                Remind - signed in by Friday 8/25 7:00 AM (for a grade)

                Mastering – signed in by Friday 8/25 7:00 AM (for a grade)

                Schoology.com signed in by Friday 8/25 7:00 AM (for a grade)

                        APBio17-18 Period 1 



APBio17-18 Period 3 



APBio17-18 Period 5 



Campbell Text Correlation:

Highlighted Table of Contents-in the shared folder – YOU WANT THIS


2017-2018 Green-Paper-Policy

In an attempt to reduce the amount of paper I can misplace and to reduce the number of trees cut down for my classes I am instituting the following policy.

At the end of each marking period (if there are sufficient written assignments to warrant this) there will be an extra credit grade given to those students who submit their work via email.  Near the end of the marking period I will search my drg.atm@gmail.com archive and assign extra credit points based on a subjective sense of the percentage of possible assignments (it isn’t meaningful to submit a take home test or worksheet via email) that have been submitted via email.  (As a consequence of how this is done, you MUST sign your complete name in your emails in the body of the email. I sometimes search by first name, sometimes by last name.)

You can’t lose by submitting via email.  The only caveat (warning) is that digital submissions are easier to check for plagiarism.

Curriculum Framework Document from College Board - The most important document related to our course.  (You will need Adobe Reader to open this document).
You can find the schedule as well as lots of other stuff (some of it useful) in the Don't Panic Book.  (always a work in progress, but up-to-date as of June 2017).

ALL Email (HOMEWORK AND CONTACT!) address:  DrG.ATM@gmail.com

Annotated Web Links       

Shared Google Drive folder with previous FRQs and various handouts etc. (Google "Drive") - includes single  file with multiple vocabulary lists, the highlighted Table of Contents to Campbell etc. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0r2l9_tFA_FRHNKeGIyUEdGcTA

The folder includes assignments/notes etc. from previous years.

Last year (2016-17) I posted most of the notes and handouts to OneNote. I can't give you access to those files until you are actually in my class.

REMIND -I encourage you to sign up for text/email reminders via Remind. 

My "sign in" page for AP Biology 2017-18  https://www.remind.com/join/apbio1718   - enter your phone number.

OR- Either text @apbio1718 to 81010 or email apbio1718@mail.remind.com  

(You can sign up for both sms-texts and email.) Please sign up with your real name if it asks... Standard text rates apply. If you use the email option you can leave the subject and body of the message blank.

I wish Dr. Gottfried knew....

Campbell Text Correlation:

Highlighted Table of Contents-in the shared folder


Parental email: I will be collecting parental emails in the fall. Pre-emptively if I get an email from your parents (from their email account) I'll give you extra credit in the fall

UPLOAD Files (if you can't email them)...this includes pictures:   




May Meetings  
    Invitation Letter
    Summer Work

Advice From 2015-16 students (along with their scores)
Advice From 2016-17 students (along with their scores)

Summer Program at Barry - Application

Comments-Feedback Page

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Information- Code Red Lock Down

Classroom doors will be immediately locked.
No passes for any reason (bathroom, water etc).
Sit away from the door.
Students in the hall will be brought into the nearest classroom.
Students in open areas should report to the nearest secured area.
Students in bathroom facilities should report to the nearest secured area.
Follow directions of emergency personnel and administrators.
ALL staff and students remain in LOCK DOWN until the ALL CLEAR announcement is made.

Science Fees

$10 Fee/year

If you are taking 2 science classes, you have to pay in each one separately.
If you do not pay, an obligation slip will be submitted, and in order to graduate, leave the school etc, you will have to pay (clear your obligations).

Humor-40+ ways to tell if you've been traumatized by AP Biology (these will be funnier as you survive the course)

What you need to learn for AP Bio (poem)