AP-Agenda and Homework Page 2018-19  - Dr. Gottfried [General links and information at the bottom of this page]

Your Inner Fish....For some people the link in the document (Summer Letter below) opens saying you need edit access.  I think this is because you have your own Google drive and it thinks you want the document, not to just fill it in. In any case, this link seems to be working for everyone.


Note: While there are dates in the plans below they have been added before any of the school functions that might interfere (assemblies etc.) have been scheduled. As such, this agenda is still tentative.

Agenda and Homework updated 8/11/2018

Periods 1, 2, 4

Monday 1-6; T, Th 1, 3, 5; W, F 2, 4, 6

Next week M, W 1, 3, 5; T, Th 2, 4, 6; F 1-6

8/20: Welcome, Introduction, FRQ-1;

8/21, 22: Height Lab Data; Safety, Seed germination start; Texts; Mastering Biology? Statistics; FRQ 2

8/23, 24: Mug shots; Gridded Problem-1; Germination Report; Your Inner Fish – feedback; Big Ideas; Height lab data analysis, Science Process Skills, More-Statistics-Math


Due 8/20/2018: Summer Letter/Assignment   All 3 parts are due before school starts on 8/20. (Links are in the Letter/Assignment pdf file summer-1 on the webpage.)

Due 8/23, 24: Welcome Parent Letter signature

Due 8/23, 24 Reading Assignment #1

Due 8/27, 28 Height Lab

Due 8/27, 28 Reading Assignment # 2

Due 8/31 Reading Assignment # 3


Reading….You should anticipate reading (and mastering the content) of about 10 pages a day. If you are going to your sister’s wedding and will be busy on Saturday, plan on reading 20 pages on Sunday. If you are heavily involved in a sport and can’t focus during the week, plan on reading about 70 pages over the weekend.

After much thought, I’m going to try using OpenStax.org Biology for AP

One issue, the pdf and online version are not exactly the same.  The online version doesn’t have page or question numbers.

I will assign work using the online version, but, will try (no promises) to provide equivalent page and question numbers.

One issue that has plagued my AP Biology class for the last several years is that students do not read the material until just before a test, if at all.

Last year I tried daily reading quizzes.  No one enjoyed this. And, as a result of rampant cheating, their effectiveness decreased.  This year, I’m trying something I’m calling “Be prepared to answer.”

What do I mean by, “Be prepared to answer?”  I mean I will ask random students questions from the text. [Random lists of students will be generated by the computer from the roll lists.] If you can answer “your question,” you get a check, if not a minus. These will be periodically aggregated into an “oral reading quiz” grade.  If you are not in class (unexcused) you automatically get a minus. If you are not in class (excused) you cannot get check mark, but, you don’t get a minus.

Reading Assignment 1-Due Thursday/Friday 8/23, 24

Online: Chapter 1: The Study of Life

Pdf: pages 9-34; Questions 1-23

Make sure you watch the video [Link to Learning] on plant movement

Be prepared to answer: Review Questions, Critical Thinking and Test Prep for AP at the end of the chapter, as well as the questions that are embedded in the text.

Be prepared to define the key terms

Reading Assignment 2-

                Online: Chapter 18 Section 1

                Pdf: pages 719-740

                Make sure you do the [Link to Learning] on bone structures

                Make sure you do the [Link to Learning] on misconceptions

                Be prepared to answer the Review Questions, Critical Thinking and Test Prep for AP at the end of the online chapter section or in the pdf at the end of the chapter, questions 1-10, 25-32 and 42-57.

                Be prepared to define the key terms

Reading Assignment 3-

Online: Chapter 2: The Chemical Foundation of Life

Pdf: pages 41-75; Questions 1-30

                Make sure you do the [Link to Learning] isotopes

                Make sure you do the [Link to Learning] ionic and covalent bonding

                Make sure you do the [Link to Learning] ice lattice

                                And think about why ice floats!

                Make sure you do the [Link to Learning] pH

                Be prepared to answer the Review Questions, Critical Thinking and Test Prep for AP

                Be prepared to define the key terms

Reading Assignment 4-

Online: Chapter 3: Biological Macromolecules

                Section 2.1 Synthesis

                Section 2.2 Carbohydrates

                Section 2.3 Lipids

                Section 2.4 Nucleic Acids

Pdf: pages 87-129; Questions 1-74

                Make sure you do the ALL the [Link to Learning] modules

                                Some of them use flash. You’ll have to allow it to get the full benefit of the animations.

                Be prepared to answer the Review Questions, Critical Thinking and Test Prep for AP

                Be prepared to define the key terms



                Remind - signed in by Friday 8/24 7:00 AM (for a grade)



Be proactive. Be prepared.  You can do the Mastering Biology Assignments ahead of time.  Access to MasteringBiology is probably the most expensive part of your "book."  I can not publicly post our sign-in codes.  The codes will be distributed when I get them

Open Stax Readings
Summer Communications Survey Results
Summer Letter


Some of this is still linked to 2017-18 pages. But, things only change so much....

The first memo I gave you can also be found here: Letter001

Dr.  G.

Campbell Text Correlation:

Highlighted Table of Contents-in the shared folder – YOU WANT THIS


We will probably be transitioning to the OpenStax AP Biology book. (It isn't clear whether the district will continue to support the Pearson book).

The online book-Biology for AP Courses

You can also download a pdf copy. 

There is also a student guide.  Download the guide

2018-2019 Green-Paper-Policy

In an attempt to reduce the amount of paper I can misplace and to reduce the number of trees cut down for my classes I am instituting the following policy.

Each assignment submitted via email or OneNote will earn an extra 1-2 points on that assignment. 

You can’t lose by submitting via email.  The only caveat (warning) is that digital submissions are easier to check for plagiarism.

Revised Curriculum Framework Document from College Board - The most important document related to our course.  (You will need Adobe Reader to open this document).
You can find the schedule as well as lots of other stuff (some of it useful) in the Don't Panic Book.  (always a work in progress, but up-to-date as of June 2018).

ALL Email (HOMEWORK AND CONTACT!) address:  DrG.ATM@gmail.com

Annotated Web Links       

Shared Google Drive folder with previous FRQs and various handouts etc. (Google "Drive") - includes single  file with multiple vocabulary lists, the highlighted Table of Contents to Campbell etc.

For the last few years (2016-18) I posted most of the notes and handouts to OneNote. I can't give you access to those files until you are actually in my class.

REMIND -I encourage you to sign up for text/email reminders via Remind. 

My "sign in" page for AP Biology 2018-19  https://www.remind.com/join/apbio1819   - enter your phone number.

OR- Either text @apbio1819 to 81010 or email apbio1819@mail.remind.com  

(You can sign up for both sms-texts and email.) Please sign up with your real name if it asks... Standard text rates apply. If you use the email option you can leave the subject and body of the message blank.

I wish Dr. Gottfried knew....

OLD-          Campbell Text Correlation:

Highlighted Table of Contents-in the shared folder


Parental email: I may be collecting parental emails in the fall. Pre-emptively if I get an email from your parents (from their email account) I'll give you extra credit in the fall (not really, but, I do prefer communicating by email).

UPLOAD Files (if you can't email them)...this includes pictures:   




Advice From 2015-16 students (along with their scores)
Advice From 2016-17 students (along with their scores)

Comments-Feedback Page

Get college reminds from Ms. Rodriguez
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Information- Code Red Lock Down

Classroom doors will be immediately locked.
No passes for any reason (bathroom, water etc).
Sit away from the door.
Students in the hall will be brought into the nearest classroom.
Students in open areas should report to the nearest secured area.
Students in bathroom facilities should report to the nearest secured area.
Follow directions of emergency personnel and administrators.
ALL staff and students remain in LOCK DOWN until the ALL CLEAR announcement is made.

Science Fees

$10 Fee/year

If you are taking 2 science classes, you have to pay in each one separately.
If you do not pay, an obligation slip will be submitted, and in order to graduate, leave the school etc, you will have to pay (clear your obligations).

Humor-40+ ways to tell if you've been traumatized by AP Biology (these will be funnier as you survive the course)

What you need to learn for AP Bio (poem)