Dr. G's Grades - I will no longer be posting grades. You can look them up yourself!

You and or your parents can look up your grades using the Pinnacle Internet Viewer which interfaces with the school's gradebook program. 

Parents have to register to get access. To get the parent password they have to come to the school and someone here will help them with the system.
After that they can follow the directions at http://myportal.dadeschools.net/parent/

Student access is through the student portal. 


While you should change it, the password is initially set at MMYYYYpw where MM is the two digit month of your birth and YYYY is the 4 digit year of your birth. "pw" is exactly that-those letters.

 (This may have changed, since I set up this page. You are on your own.)

Grades are only as up-to-date as the data entry process. I will try and keep up, but there are no guarantees.

Some other teachers are not yet using the gradebook regularly. This is not my problem. 

Using the menus at the side you can select which class to look-up and what you want to see. The two most useful reports are Class Grades Report and the Attendance report.

There will certainly be "issues" with this viewer. Bear with us as we all learn.


Dr. G.

Visitors-A number of teachers have asked if they can refer parents and students and to this page for explanations. If you have any questions please refer them to the teacher directly.


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