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September 26, 2023
How I/we got here
mdgottfried-October 24, 2023
What's on my nightstand?
PDF Audio
mdgottfried-December 19, 2023 Life in the middle lane PDF Audio



Update on the technology....I wasn't comfortable reading over 10 minutes in one take. Without an editor and good software for video editing I did my best, but you'll clearly see/hear the gaps. Sorry. 

The script is not an exact transcript of the podcast, but, rather the text that was read. I can’t help but adlib.  Thanks for reading, listening, or watching. 


I didn’t get a clear signal as to blog/vlog/podcast, so I decided to do all 3, and let the users (you) decide what you used and how you accessed my ruminations. 

For each date’s entry there will be a webpage (which you can download as a pdf, an audio file (podcast), which you can play from the webpage or download as an mp3, and a video file which you can watch from the webpage or download as an mp4.  Obviously the mp3 and mp4 could then be played at your leisure on the device of your choice.  (On a PC you right click in the box and choose save.)

I actively chose not to utilize existing blog/podcast sites (or youtube) so as not to be part of the ad-dominated internet. If I’m not going to make money from my musings, no one else should either!

Yes, that meant building my own page and tools, but, it is forcing me to refresh my web coding skills.  There is a feedback form (linked at the bottom of the page) if you want to provide private feedback.

There is also a guestbook (at the bottom of the page) if you want to be part of a community of comments.

Form: Feedback

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